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Homemade Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

Supplies needed:

Butcher paper, paper lunch bags, paper shopping bags
Tempera paint or poster paint or fingerpaints
precut sponge shapes or paint brushes

Cover work table with newspaper. Place butcher paper, and/or paper bags on top. Paint with either paintbrush or fingerpaint. If using sponge shapes, dip these in paint and then decorate your gift wrap with them. Sprinkle glitter on the paint before it dries for extra sparkle. Let dry completely before using.

Kids Christmas Crafts:Tree Ornaments

kids Christmas crafts(

Pinecone Tree Ornament

Supplies needed:

Medium to large sized pinecones
gold and/or silver glitter
white craft glue
sandwich bag or small plastic bag
gold cord or yarn or string

Brush off any dirt or debris on the pinecones if you collected them from outside. Apply glue to the tips on each row of the pinecone. Put some glitter in the sandwich bag. Put the pinecone in the bag, seal the bag, and shake the bag so the glitter comes in contact with all the glued areas of the pinecone. Set the pinecone aside for the glue to dry. When dry, tie the ends of the gold cord or yarn or string to one end of the pinecone, making a loop to hang it on the Christmas tree. Be careful not to get glitter in eyes.


Popsicle Stick Star

Supplies Needed:

6 popsicle sticks
yellow tempera paint
gold glitter
white craft glue

Paint each popsicle stick yellow on both sides. Let dry. Apply a thin line of glue down the middle of each popsicle stick. Sprinkle gold glitter over top and shake off the excess. Let dry. Glue 3 popsicle sticks together to form a triangle. Make a second triangle with the remaining 3 popsicle sticks and glue it together. Let the glue dry on each triangle. Put one triangle on top of the other, with one triangle facing up and the other triangle facing down. Glue the two triangles together in these positions. These stars also make nice kids Christmas crafts painted white with silver glitter.


Christmas crafts for kids

Reindeer Candy Canes

Supplies needed:

6 inch cellophane wrapped candy cane
8 inch length of ribbon
1 pair of wiggly eyes
1 small red or black pom-pom
two 18 inch brown pipe cleaners
white craft glue

Glue wiggly eyes on the rounded crook of the candy cane. Glue red or black pom-pom on the face for a nose. Tie the ribbon into a bow on the straight part of the candy cane. Cut one of the pipe cleaners in half. Wrap the full sized pipecleaner around the crook of the candy cane, twisting once at the bottom to secure, then back up into the air; the two points should now be standing straight up. Twist one of the short pipe cleaners around the middle of the left antler to create the "points". Repeat with the remaining cut piece of pipe cleaner for the right antler. Arrange the pipe cleaners to look like antlers. When finished, each antler will have three points.


kids Christmas crafts

Star Bright Tree Ornaments

Supplies needed:

Black construction paper
gold cord or yarn
hole punch

Draw a large star on the black paper and cut it out. Punch holes 1/2 inch apart along the edges. Thread the gold cord or yarn through the first hole. Tape the end of the cord to the back of the star. Show your child how to "sew" the cord along the perimeter of the star. When finished, tie the two ends together with a small knot.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

1 box of frosted tree ornaments(plain color)
silver craft paint

Let your kids use silver paint to put their fingerprints on the tree ornaments like polka dots. Each bulb has the child's name on it too. This makes a great gift too for the family members that have "everything". You can also print up this little poem to put in the box as part of the gift:

Tiny Fingers

Tiny fingers, that always
want to play,
That never stop exploring the wonder of each day,
Tiny fingers, that from the very start,
Will reach out for tomorrow,
Yet always hold your heart.

Kids Christmas Crafts:Angel Ideas

kids Christmas crafts

My Little Angel

Supplies needed:

white card stock,or poster board or craft foam
yellow paper or yellow paints
white craft glue
any or all of the following:glitter, scraps of shiny wrapping paper, silver tinsel, colored tissue paper, tin foil
optional:pipe cleaner(chenille stem)

Have your child stand on a piece of white cardstock, poster board or craft foam and trace around one bare foot.(This will be the robe of the angel). To form the wings, trace both of your child's hands on yellow paper or use yellow paint to make handprints. (Don't spread fingers to far apart). Cut out the footprint and decorate the "robe" with glitter, scraps of shiny wrapping paper, silver tinsel, colored tissue paper or tin foil. Glue a piece of ribbon across the center of the robe(this is the belt). Cut out a picture of your child to serve as the angel's head. (Your child's foot size will determine how close up the face in the photo needs to be). Assemble the angel:Glue the hand silhouettes to the back of the footprint, then glue your child's photo to the heel. Add yarn for hair and a pipe cleaner for a holo if desired.

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