Fathers Day Crafts for Kids

Welcome to my Fathers Day crafts for kids section where you'll find easy and fun crafts from common household items. Father's Day is the third Sunday in June and a day we give honor to our Dads.

Father's Day crafts for kids

Rock Paperweight

Supplies Needed:

large, clean flat rock
skin colored paint
yarn for hair

Paint the rock in a color that matches Dad's skin tone and let dry. Glue on yarn for hair and add on facial features with markers to top of rock.


kids crafts for father's day at www.create-kids-crafts.com

Father's Day Basket

Supplies Needed:

plastic strawberry basket
crepe paper streamers
ribbon or strips of material
pipecleaners in a variety of colors

Wash and clean the basket. Fold strips of crepe paper streamer in half lengthwise, reducing it's width. If you want a nice bow, then start weaving the middle of one side of the basket with the middle of the ribbon. Weave one half and then the other and stop at the opposite end and tie a bow. When done, braid three different colors of pipecleaners and attach to either side of the basket as a handle. Fill the bassket with Hershey's Kisses or cookies.


kids crafts at www.create-kids-crafts.com

Desk-Top Office Organizer

Supplies Needed:

cardboard tubes(from paper towel and toilet paper tubes)
a flat sheet of cardboard
tempera paint or acrylic paint

Lay newspaper over your work area. Cut the cardboard tubes into sections of various lengths. Paint each tube a different color. When they have dried, arrange the tubes on a piece of painted cardboard and glue in place.


kids crafts at www.create-kids-crafts.com

Button Key Ring

This is a bright, colorful, chunky key ring.

Supplies Needed:

12 inches of fine cord
10 colored buttons

Fold the fine cord in half. Make a knot about one inch from the fold. Thread the buttons onto the cord by pushing each end of the cord through one of the holes in the buttons. Choose the buttons so you get a random selection of colors and textures. When you have threaded on the last button, knot the ends of the cord together tightly beneath it. Cut off the excess cord. Slip the loop of the cord into the key ring(an adult might need to help).


kids crafts at www.create-kids-crafts.com kids crafts at www.create-kids-crafts.com

Father’s Day Card: “Arms open wide”

Supplies Needed:

4 sheets of white printer paper 1 sheet of colored construction paper scissors markers, crayons, stickers, etc. for decorating transparent tape white craft glue

1.Tape 4 sheets of white printer paper together, end to end. Lay the paper on the floor or a table, and have someone help you trace around one hand and arm to cover half the paper. On the opposite end of the paper trace around the other hand and arm. Cut out the arms and connect the two tracings in the center with tape. 2.Decorate the card with markers, crayons, stickers and write this message across the arms: “I love you this much!” 3.Accordian-fold the arms until one hand stacks on the other. 4.Fold a 14x7-inch piece of construction paper in half. Write a message on the outside of the card, such as “Happy Father’s Day Dad.” 5.Attach the arms/hands inside the card by glueing the bottom hand onto the right side of the greeting card.

Edible Gifts By Design(Fathers Day Crafts for Kids)

Make edible gifts more memorable by having your kids add their personal touch to the packaging. Put homemade cookies or candies in packages designed by your kids. Give them solid-colored paper bags or boxes and let them decorate with ribbon, bows, glitter and paint. Remember to supervise if scissors are used. Include a special message on or inside the package. Buy small white notecards and have your kids draw on them and add to the packaging.

Striped Coffee Mug Coaster

Turn an ordinary opaque wall tile into a coffee mug coaster for the table or Dad's office.

Supplies needed:

4 inch(10 cm) opaque ceramic tile
masking tape
various colors of ceramic paint

Stick lengths of masking tape across a ceramic tile in long stripes. Paint the gaps between the pieces of tape with ceramic paint. Let dry and then peel off the tape.

Keepsake Box

Supplies Needed:

a sturdy, lidded cardboard box
tempera or acrylic paint
things to decorate:paints, stickers, glitter glue, sequins etc.

Paint the box the color of your choice (or Dad's favorite color). Set it aside to dry. Repeat with more coats until any writing or decorations are completely covered. Decorate the box with the rest of your decorations.


Fun Gifts For Kids to Make:

More Father's Day Crafts

Father's Day Printable

Here are some Father's Day printable crafts that Dad will really like at www.shirleys-preschool-activities.com

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