Deborah Obeys God

Judges 4:1-16; 5:4, 20-21

Tell your child the bible story(Deborah Obeys God)before doing the craft.

Point to Make:I can obey God's Word.

Learning the Message:In this bible story, a lady named Deborah listened to God and obeyed Him. God helped Deborah. God sent a huge rainstorm. The rain made lots of mud and all the chariots got stuck in the mud. The soldiers ran away! Let's paint with mud to help us remember this story.

Craft:Mud paintings

Supplies Needed:

white glue
paper cups
plastic spoons
white paper or construction paper

Make mud paint. Mix equal parts of water and white glue in a cup. Add dirt to the water and glue mixture and stir with a plastic spoon. Continue adding dirt and stirring until mixture is the consistency of thick paint. Have your child paint with the mud paint on the paper.


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