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Whether it's bee crafts, coloring pages or printables of any kind, children seem to like bees.

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Bumblebee Crafts

Try this easy and inexpensive craft made from a TP roll. Your kids will be busy bees flying these around. Recycled crafts from toilet paper rolls means loads of fun!

Craft Supplies Needed:

empty toilet paper tube
black and yellow paint
clear tape or glue
small scrap of black construction paper
black marker
round cup

With a pencil, draw equally spaced lines around the tube for the bee's stripes. Paint yellow and black alternating stipes for the bee's body. Let paint dry. With a black marker, draw on eyes and a mouth at one end of the tube. Trace around a cup on wax paper to make a circle and cut out. Repeat again for a second circle. These will be the bee's wings. Fold the wax paper circles in half to keep them from flopping down when taped on the tube. Tape the wings to the top middle part of the tube. Cut out a small triangle from the black construction paper and tape to the inside other end of the tube for the bee's stinger.

More Bee Crafts:

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