playdough ladybug


Body: Make a medium sized ball and flatten the bottom.

Head: Make a small ball and press it onto one end of the body. Use a drop of water to help it stick if needed.

Wings: Make a small ball and flatten it to make a flat circle. Cut the circle in half. Press one-half of the circle onto one side of the ladybug's body and the other half of the circle onto the other half of the body. Spread them open a bit over the body so the body is showing between the two half circles. For the spots on the wings, make 6 tiny balls, flatten them and press them onto the wings.

Legs: Roll out 6 thin, short snakes and press them under the body.

Mouth: Take a plastic knife and indent it into the centre of the head for an open mouth.

Eyes: Make 2 tiny balls, flatten them to make tiny circles and press them onto the head. Make 2 more tiny balls for pupils and lightly press them on top of the flattened circles.